Improve Semen FLAVOUR with SemenTaste+


Sementaste+ is a first- All Herbal Semen Sweetener and sexual stimulant, which combines the goodness of potent, sexually stimulating ingredients to give a memorable sexual experience.

Each pill of Sementaste+ is formulated to enhance the taste of semen and deliver it a sweet taste and highly palatable flavor. 

Semtasteplus works by intensifying the sexual chemistry between you and your partner. Some advantages of SemenTaste+ are:

  • Helps to enhance the taste of semen leaving your partner highly satisfied
  • Aids in longer erections 
  • Helps to intensify the pleasure of orgasm
  • Aids in Increasing sexual stamina
  • Nurtures mutual satisfaction and thus enhances the feelings of intimacy!

Origin of Sementaste+

Sementaste+ is perfected after years of research and trials. After a thorough study of factors involved in seminophagia, and subsequent survey conducted among varied groups of women our research team arrived at certain results –

  • 65% Women agreed that ingestion of semen was a pleasurable culmination of sexual experience with their partner.
  • 80% said they indulged in the same to please their partner.
  • 25% of the women were satisfied or non-committal about the taste of semen.
  • A whopping 75% of the women expressed a wish that an improvement in the taste of semen would definitely motivate them to indulge in their partners more often and enjoy the experience better!

Our team then researched on the factors which influenced the taste of semen and with the help of certain ancient formulations arrived at a safe combination of potent and rare herbs which help in improving the taste of semen. These herbs were also found to enhance the sexual stimulation and drive adding to a heightened sense of satisfaction.


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My girlfriend often begs to have me cum down her throat, thank you SemenTaste+
- Darren
Super fast shipment and a great product! thank you!
- Michael

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